Global Eco-Industrial Parks Programme - Ukraine: Country Level Intervention

About Program

About Program

The Global Eco-Industrial Programme started in 2018 and is currently undergoing in seven countries, including Ukraine, Colombia, Peru, Vietnam, Egypt, Indonesia, and South Africa. By 2023 close the respective project, implemented by UNIDO and funded by Switzerland through the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) will focus on the implementation of Eco-Industrial Parks at the country level.

The development objective of GEIPP is to demonstrate the viability and benefits of Eco-Industrial Park approaches in scaling up resource productivity and improving economic, environmental, and social performances of businesses and thereby contribute to inclusive and sustainable industrial development in the participating developing and transition economies.

The GEIPP has two components:

Outcome 1 is enabling conditions for EIP enhanced through advice for informed policy decision making on EIP compliance and support to EIP policy development.

  • Outcome 2 is implemented at SME and park-management level and envisions technical assistance and training to SMEs and park management with the involvement of relevant Business Support Organisations. GEIPP will emphasize the implementation of EIP concepts to comply with relevant standards. As a result, the capacity of SMEs and other actors is strengthened.

  • The country-level interventions will be customized to the specific needs of the countries.

Component 2 will generate and disseminate knowledge from present and past endeavors at the Global Knowledge Development. It aims to generate and disseminate/transfer knowledge to the various country projects and special country measures within the country-level interventions, to the stakeholders and UNIDO, and the interested public in general through global dissemination.