Global Eco-Industrial Parks Programme - Ukraine: Country Level Intervention

EIP Toolbox Manual

This manual will help you to successfully use UNIDO EIP tolls, which aim

  • to assess an industrial park against the International Framework for Eco-Industrial Parks (UNIDO, WBG and GIZ, 2017) and subsequently identify, prioritize, plan, manage and monitor eco-industrial park initiatives. It can be used and adapted to all types of existing (brownfield) industrial parks and management structures (e.g. private company, public authority, public private set-up, real estate). 
  • to monitor and report resource savings and impacts from EIP opportunities identified and implemented in industrial parks with the support of (inter)national development projects.
  • to assist international development agencies (e.g. UNIDO) and its national partners with providing technical support to policy makers on EIP policy planning and development. It can be used as a practical tool  to inform and guide the project team throughout the different stages of the policy development process in relation to Eco-Industrial Parks (e.g. from high level visioning to implementation, as presented in the main menu of this tool).
  • to support the selection of industrial parks with a high potential for EIP development and creating successful, visible and replicable EIP projects. It is especially useful to assist in the selection of existing industrial parks that could be transformed in EIPs (brownfield), but it can also be used for the selection of area(s) that will host a new EIP (greenfield).
  • to support the identification of industrial symbiosis opportunities (by-product and waste exchanges) between companies. This tool  can be used in existing industrial parks (brownfields) to provide stakeholders with an indication of the symbiosis opportunities related to companies operating in the park. Alternatively, the tool can be used for new industrial parks (greenfields) to highlight possible industrial symbiosis between companies locating to the park, and thereby assist in the planning of infrastructures and utilities to enable these connections.
  • to monitor and report the resource savings and results of RECP assessments undertaken with companies in industrial parks. The tool provides a standardized method to calculate and monitor the economic, environmental and social benefits of RECP opportunities identified and implemented as part of UNIDO’s EIP projects.