Global Eco-Industrial Parks Programme - Ukraine: Country Level Intervention

Steering Committee

A GEIPP Ukraine Steering Committee was established in August 2020. It meets twice a year to provide strategic guidance and monitoring of progress towards established objectives and outcomes of the Project. Its responsibilities cover:

  • all strategic decisions, which may include the approval of annual work plans, progress reports as the basis for the project implementation, monitoring, and evaluation; 
  • significant changes to program objectives and budget reallocation (between component 1 and 2);
  • setting and assessing GEIPP milestones;
  • significant amendments to timeline (implementation of activities); 
  • approval of annual progress reports and work plans, including financial reports.

A GEIPP Ukraine Steering Committee consists of the following members and observers:

The members have a right to vote. The observers do not have a right to vote but can participate in the discussions. The CSSC also has a Secretary to arrange the meetings and the related documents.