Global Eco-Industrial Parks Programme - Ukraine: Country Level Intervention

Resource efficient and clean production

Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP) was introduced in 2009 by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) as an umbrella term that brings together comparable practices that address the issues of cleaner production, eco-efficiency, waste management, pollution prevention, etc. The RECP was promoted in developing and transition countries initially through National Cleaner Production Centres. Over 20-year experience shows that implementation of RECP generally makes good business sense, through cost reductions and productivity and quality improvements. At the same time, it also benefits the environment, communities, and indeed society at large. 

RECP is best understood as an approach to efficiently use natural resources (materials, water, and energy), and reduce waste and air emissions. RECP addresses the three sustainability dimensions:

  • Production efficiency: optimization of the productive use of natural resources (materials, energy, and water). .
  • Environmental management: minimization of impacts on environment and nature through reduction of wastes and emissions.
  • Human development: minimization of risks to people and communities and support for their development.

RECP implementation can be measured in terms of increases in productive output per unit of consumption of materials, water, and energy and in terms of the intensity of generation of waste, wastewater, and air emissions per unit of productive output. Implementation of RECP at the enterprise level can be achieved in different ways, most often grouped in eight categories, respectively: good housekeeping; input substitution; better process control; equipment modification; technology change; onsite reuse and recycling; production of useful byproduct; and product modification.

For the transformation of Industrial Parks into Eco-Industrial Park, resource efficiency and cleaner production approach are used.