Global Eco-Industrial Parks Programme - Ukraine: Country Level Intervention

Cooperation with the Governmental entities

In February 2021 the Project identified 50 stakeholders, representing national and regional authorities, sectoral associations, national and international organizations, academia, research and development institutions, financial organizations, and IPs. All the stakeholders will be involved in EIP development in Ukraine.

The stakeholders that represent the governmental entities are included in the EIP policy development working group to elaborate draft laws and amendments to the legislation and mainstream EIP into the national policy.

The working group has been established by the Ministry of Economy and consists of the following members:

Cooperation with the Governmental entities

The group meets once a quarter and uses the findings of the Policy Gap Analysis performed by the Project as the basis to elaborate on improvement for the national IP legislation. The Policy gap Analyses has identified 31 laws, national strategies, and international agreements so far, related to the EIP implementation. The evaluation of the national legislation against the international EIP framework helped identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. Based on that the EIP policy plan and vision were drafted and presented to the policymakers to facilitate their first steps.