Global Eco-Industrial Parks Programme - Ukraine: Country Level Intervention

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine published Decree No. 221-p, which addresses eco-industrial park concept implementation through the amending the related laws as one of the priority actions for Ukraine in 2023

On March 14, the Government of Ukraine, with the support of the GEIPP Ukraine project funded by the Government of Switzerland (SECO), adopted Decree No. 221-p “On Approval of the Government’s Priority Action Plan for 2023”. The decree addresses the eco-industrial park concept implementation by amending the related laws as one of the priority actions for Ukraine in 2023.

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Among the expected results of the implementation of the eco-industrial park model, the following were defined:

  • the introduction of the principles of sustainable development, approaches of circular economy, resource efficient and cleaner production within the framework of industrial parks;
  • reducing the negative impact caused by environmental pollution;
  • improving the efficiency of the use of resources and waste, in particular, by creating closed cycles of their use and industrial symbiosis;
  • increasing the energy generation from renewable sources;
  • improving the quality of the social component both within parks and beyond, in particular on a local and regional scale, improving the quality of management at the park level.