Global Eco-Industrial Parks Programme - Ukraine: Country Level Intervention

The Fourth Advisory Board meeting of the GEIPP Ukraine project brought together businesses, industrial park managers, national authorities of Ukraine, and experts from Switzerland to discuss the needs and opportunities of the private sector

On 10 November 2022, the GEIPP Ukraine project conducted the Fourth Advisory Board meeting which involved participants from the national authorities of Ukraine, Swiss experts, UNIDO, industrial parks and businesses.

In accordance with the agenda, Representatives of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine presented the new updated procedure for the registration of industrial parks in Ukraine as a prerequisite for the establishment of eco-industrial parks, and a newly adopted framework linked to mechanisms and procedures to apply for state incentives and funds.

Swiss experts recommended promoting the eco-industrial park to foster industrial development towards the ambitious goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions, marketing it as the “Ukrainian Way” on different international platforms, establishing sector priorities while satisfying long-, mid-, and short-term development goals, and initiating bilateral cooperation with private companies from EU and other countries.

Issues regarding the availability of finance for Ukrainian businesses to enable the transformation to the eco-industrial park model were discussed, together with legal issues of official registration of industrial parks which are limited to the greenfield model.

The recommendations of the Fourth Advisory Board meeting will be reported to the Sixth Meeting of the Steering Committee of the project in December 2022.